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The Gem of San Diego

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We first visited Coronado Island back in the early 2000’s.  Since then, we have visited the Island an additional two times.  The Beaches are beautiful, and the houses throughout the island display a mixture of quirky and traditional architecture.

Coronado Island is located just south of the San Diego International Airport.  There are two ways to access the area via car.  You can take Silver Strand Blvd from Imperial Beach which takes you by the amazing Silver Strand State Park and Fort Emory.  Or you can opt to take the Coronado Bridge.  We can say without a doubt that taking the Coronado Bridge should be at the top of your list.  The bridge offers an amazing view of downtown San Diego and the Navel Ship Yards.

Hotel Del

The Coronado Peninsula was purchased for $110,000 in 1885.  Just two years later construction started on the Hotel Del Coronado, which opened just 11 months later.

Hotel Del Coronado is one of our favorite spots.  The near perfect year round weather and white sand beaches are perfect for lounging in the afternoon sun.

Hotel Del, as the locals call it, is one of the few surviving examples of wooden Victorian Beach resort architecture.  It is also the second largest wooden structure in the United States.  While we love walking around the hotel, the area surrounding is just as interesting.  There are miles of accessible beachfront you can walk or bike.

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